Smudge after time frame

I know that after the time frame on pregnancy tests, they should be disregarded and not taken as accurate, but in all the times I have taken pregnancy tests I have never seen a smudge show up like this. I walked away and later on in the morning I came back and saw this. It has a yellow coloring with a slight pink coloring as well. The test was obviously negative, but again I have never seen this happen with these tests before and am curious as to what that is/could be from. I took the test too early (i know i shouldn’t, couldn’t help it) and should’ve waited a few more days. Is there a possibility that the hcg is just not strong enough to really leave a line even a vvvvvfl or do I just need to sit down and try to act like a rational person during this TWW? Lol

Dollar store pregnancy test- 6days until af - 8dpo. (And yes I will try again in a few days, just trying to learn while I go) Thanks for any input or opinions!