moving out.


i’m 17 and i have a 3 month old and i live with my parents. my boyfriend/baby daddy is 20. he has a good paying stable job and his own house. i want to move out of my parents and move in with him considering that my 5 other siblings stay with my parents as well and they’re 2,4,7,11,12 and it’s extremely stressful to get my baby to stay asleep when she does sleep because as normal the kids are always yelling and arguing which wakes up my baby. when i’m at my boyfriends it is extremely quiet and she loves it there. plus i think it would be better for me to stay there so my baby can be with her dad all the time and not just once a week or every other week. i would still come see my parents as much as i can. my bf only lives an hour away from where i live so its not that big of a change. me and him don’t argue that much and when we do it’s only over text. i need to tell my parents that i’m moving out but idk how because they’re over protective. so if anybody has any advice on how to tell my parents it would be greatly appreciated. sorry for the long post.