Would you move on?

I love my SO a lot. But I’m not happy in our relationship.

So a little background. I’m 18 currently in college and looking for a job so I can get my own car. I still live with my mother because it’s cheaper than staying on campus or getting my own apartment.

My boyfriend is 26. He works part time in retail making minimum wage.

At first I never really thought it was a problem if he didn’t have an apartment or car.

But now it’s becoming frustrating. Recently he’s gotten into gaming. He already spends a lot of money on amazon. Now he’s buying games every paycheck. He refuses to work full time at his store.

My grandpa works in a great career and I offered him a job that paid 20-30 dollars an hour. All he needed was a drivers license. He refused and told me that he didn’t need a job like that right now. He even said that once I graduated and got a job he’d quit his.

He doesn’t want anything in his life and it’s becoming more and more evident. I’m just tired of it.