Ever since me and my SO moved in together everything went down hill. Prior to moving in I was debt free, even my credit cards had a zero balance and I had savings! I paid all my own bills, paid my own rent, took care of myself. I didn't need help from family or friends. I have a good career, and make decent money.

Now... Is a completely different story. As soon as I moved in with him. Everything changed. He got fired from his job, and decided it was his chance "to take a break" for 4 months! Leaving me to support us. I'm drowning in debt. Once he realized he could rely on me financially to pay everything, things got worse. He got lazier. He picked and chose when he wanted work (despite many arguments). Then I got pregnant, and I told him soon I'll be off work, and you will need to support us for the better part because maternity does not give me very much income. I kept telling him to save money, work more,etc.

My family bought EVERYTHING for the baby. I mean everything. Crib, car seat, ALL the clothes. Anything you could think of, they bought. His family didn't buy anything. He didn't even buy anything. My family still supports our baby and buys everything.

Now that he is finally working steadily, his wages are being garnished by MEP because he wasn't making any payments. (Forgot to mention that he wasn't paying his car payments so his car got repossessed and now he doesn't drive) Now we can't even afford to pay rent, pay our bills. We've even had to go to the food bank on several occasions. We are on the verge of eviction because we can't pay rent. I told him all he had to do was pay rent, and I would pay the bills. He can't even do that!

I'm soo angry with him. His laziness got us where we are, and I'm constantly having to ask my family to help us.

I just want to go back to work, move out on my own with our baby and take care of myself and our baby on my own. I can't rely on him for anything. I am so angry with myself as well that I let this happen.