Am I being too dramatic/hormonal


I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster of hormones.. it has been exactly one week since I’ve had my lo. I had a csection & got my tubes removed as well.. so I got a lot going on in my body.. I have 4 kids in total & 1 of which is only 1 years old. It has been exhausting enough taking care of the new born but for my husband to leave like everyday for an hour at least each day sometimes more. There was already a day he left basically all day for like 6 hours.. I been expressing my concern about leaving me alone with both babies after having a csection for month even before I had my csection.. it’s so hard.. he doesn’t get it. Yet again left me for like an hour after I’ve talk to him about it, I’ve cried my eyes out like crazy about it to him, I ended up falling really badly and caused some more bleeding out of my vagina & both him & I were extremely worried about it as I was in a lot of pain & I ended up going to emergency.. everything was fine but I was in a lot of pain when I got home & he yet again left not long after me getting home from the emergency. I’ve cried for a while last night expressing how it makes me feel sooo unimportant that he doesn’t consider the fact that I’m in pain & it’s so fcking hard to watch both babies at the same time. My 1 year old is so jealous and climbs all over me and won’t let me nurse and tries to hit me and the baby. Anytime I get up to walk to do something he cries at my feet.. yet again today he said he was going to take all the kids for a ride so he was going to get things ready.. he left the house for like an hour again. It makes me EXTREMELY mad.. like I just feel so so so angry now. Am I unreasonable for asking him to stay with me or at least take the 1 year old with him until I heal a bit more. It’s literally been 1 week. Is that too much to ask? Honestly, I feel like I’m crazy now for “cooping him up” or some shit. I just wanted a few days of rest honestly I feel like I would feel a whole lot more healed if I didn’t have to do the things I been doing with my one year old.