PPD or just emotional?


I am soooo overwhelmed. I’m a second time mom to a 5 day old.. I have a 5 year old, too.

My 5 year old is an amazing little boy & so understanding of why mommy is crying etc. but it makes me more sad knowing I can’t give him my full attention anymore.

My 5 day old is an amazing little boy. Literally just cries when he’s hungry, dirty, or wants to sleep 🤷🏼‍♀️

But here I am, sooo sad. I miss my husband, I miss my family. I want to go to the grocery store but I feel like I can’t because of my newborn. I want to go walk around somewhere but feel limited because of my newborn. I want to clean my house but can’t because I feel like I have to sit next to my newborn 24/7.

On top of all of this, we are probably losing our apartment soon & are going to have to move back in with his mom.

I’m also just so stressed about my newborns health... when we were told yesterday he is healthy.

I’m so sad, feel so alone, I want to just scream....

Any input is appreciated.