Hurting bad

Teresa • mommy of 4 little ladies 👭👧🏼👶

So we just had our last baby a week ago last night 😊🤗

However, late last night I've been hurting and its only gotten worse today. If I didn't already have Kyah I swear I was in labor. EVERYTHING from my belly down hurts so bad I'm almost in tears. It hurts so bad to move, and even worse to walk.

This isn't my first, I've done this 4 times before but I SWEAR I dont remember hurting this bad after.

I haven't exactly 'taken it easy' since I've been home, I've cleaned everyday and even moved furniture around 😓 chasing a toddler from sun up to sun down & taking care of our newborn.

I know the older you get and more babies you have the more it takes a toll on your body but I almost feel like going to the ER.

I had her natural but this time with an epidural (I've never had one before) my back is already jacked up and need surgery in April but this pain is in my lower abs and pelvis. Anyone experience this before? If so what helps?