Stomach Bug or Bad Food? 🤢


Hi Mamas! My 18 month old woke up this morning to a crib full of vomit 🤢. I assumed he was hit with the stomach flu because it’s going around like wildfire at his daycare. He stayed home all day and pretty much spent the day playing and running around and acting normally. The only difference is that he seemed a little more tired than usual. He drank water and ate some crackers, veggie straws, applesauce, and cooked carrots. We offered other things to but he refused, didn’t seem to have much of an appetite. But he had no other vomiting and no diarrhea at all! Temp was 100.1 tonight and his cheeks were rosy but I wouldn’t really say that’s a cause for concern.

To counter this, we had Taco Bell for dinner last night - which was pretty much what he threw up (and some cut up grapes from lunch yesterday 😖). My husband and I are both fine and he’s had the chicken quesadilla from there before and been fine.

I guess I’m not comfortable saying it was a bug or that it was the food. What does it sound like to you? I did call the Dr and they didn’t really hypothesize - just said to keep him hydrated. Thanks!

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