Today I found out I have a cyst on BOTH ovaries. They are thinking possible PCOS. I need input. TTC.

I've been on birth control from age 15-20. got pregnant one week after being off birth control. TTC #2 is a whole different story. Been off birth control for five months. Periods every two weeks. Saturday I started having left ovarian pain off and on. Today at work I almost passed out. My face started tingling and going numb. The pain was shooting into my groin down to my knee. I had an ultrasound done. I have a cyst on both ovaries. Small ones. I've never had this issue before yet ive been on bc for most of sexual life so how would I even know I had it to begin with ? I go next Friday to get tested for PCOS. I'm scared. My mom has a history of secondary infertility but no PCOS or endo. She eventually had two more kids but it took four years to conceive her second with the help of <a href="">IUI</a>. I don't want this. I don't want it to be years before I have another child. Can I have another child? If I do have PCOS how hard with it be for me to conceive? What can I do to help this? I'm not overweight. I dont smoke. I barely drink. I'm 24. I'm freaking out. I feel like ive been hit by a bus. I knew something wasn't right. It was a gut feeling.


Never had irregular periods before birth control and while on birth control I had a spot on cycle.

I've had my hormone levels checked multiple times over the last three years and everything has always come back normal. The last blood test they did was in nov. 2018.

Can my cysts be due to something else?