Some days I just want to stop pumping

I exclusively pump and it’s been over 6 months now. Sometimes I wish I could get myself to stop just because I still pump at night and have not gotten a good nights rest since before I gave birth... plus it’s just tons of work. It’s especially harder since going back to work a couple weeks ago to keep up with my pumping... lugging my huge bag around and fighting over other moms in the hospital for the lactation room.

I guess part of it also is that now that I’m away from my baby, giving her my breastmilk is my only “connection” with her, but I’ve definitely put taking care of myself on the backburner for her. I’ve cut down on the frequency of pumping but I’m just afraid if I stop, I’ll regret it and you all know it’s extremely hard to try to build it back up. Each day I keep thinking, I’ve come this far, what’s one more day.

Any input or advice is greatly appreciated.