I can’t make myself leave my husband


Long story short.. I got swept up in love and got married too young, the person I’m with now isn’t my husband and we’ve only been married a little more then a year.. he’s jealous and gets angry for everything, calls me lazy and “gordita” we have different cultures but I’ve done everything to adapt and make him happy but it’s not enough...he’s already gone through months of hiding my wedding ring from me, saying he “doesn’t remember getting married”. He went through a faze where he wouldn’t kiss me or tough me and now I’ve found out he’s had relations with AT LEAST 2 girls! I literally talked to one who said during the summer he persuade a relationship and she liked him but her family wouldn’t let her date a MARRIED man. And one day I was using his translator and English isn’t his first language so I found a text from a woman breaking up with him! .... I told myself I’d leave and he verbally hurts me every fucking day and I’m tired of it, WHY CANT I MAKE MYSELF PACK UP AND LEAVE 😭😭😭😭 I’ve cried too much over the whole relationship and I don’t know what’s wrong with me... helpppp