Bleeding at 24 weeks


Today around 5:00 pm I went to the bathroom and noticed blood in my underwear and blood when I wiped. This persisted until about 7:00. I contacted the labor and delivery nurses and the said to watch it tonight and my doctor would call tomorrow. The bleeding stopped but light contractions have begun (probably Braxton Hicks.) has anyone had any experience with this?


I went to the doctor today, and they did an ultrasound. She said my cervix is still closed, but she suspects I may have a shortened cervix. I am currently at the birthing center waiting for them to run more tests.

**** Update*****

Shortly after I arrived at labor and delivery I began having contractions. The doctor told me the would give me a steroid shot for the baby’s lungs and something to prevent labor. I had an ultrasound and the doctor came back before an medication was given and said that the doctor must have measured wrong because my cervix length was at 3cm, which she said is still a bit too short but not dangerous. The contractions also stoped. She couldn’t explain the bleeding but sent me home which an appointment to come back in a few days for further examination.