Omg omg omg 😯😯😯


My period was due today. And I've been feeling a bit off this last two days, nothing major just boob pain (I just assumed period) and super irritable like I kept snapping my OH's head off for the slightest thing but again I just thought the witch was coming. We have been trying for 10 months and I get my hopes up every time I test and it's always negative. I had one test left and thought what heck I'll take it knowing it was going to come back negative...but this time it didn't. No squinting I can see the line and it's really pink in person 😁 please tell me this is for for real! (And i havent totaly lost the plot) Gonna run to the drug store when it opens in two and a half hours and get some better brand ones. Fingers crossed they are positive too so I can surprise the OH tonight when he gets home from work tonight!

Omg is it finally my turn