Potty training before the next baby comes!


We are on day two with my 2.5 year old son. We are doing bottomless and he’s understanding to tell us he needs to pee but I’m finding that he’s starting to panic when he thinks he’s going to poop. He asks to go potty but then nothing comes out. We get off the potty and a few mins later he’s dancing around and says he needs to go and says his tummy hurts. He did this all evening yesterday. In the morning before I was able to change him out of his nighttime pull ups, he starts to push and I didn’t have the heart to put him in the potty and he FINALLY pooped! He’s now doing the same thing tonight. He’s also not drinking as much water as he usually does. I’m wondering if he knows this will cause him to pee... should we continue and push through this or go back to diapers and try again later?