Do you ever

Hear certain songs or smell certain smells that just remind you of someone? I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by songs that remind me of my ex, or phrases, TV shows or like yesterday I walked past someone who was using a vape thing and it was the same smell as the one my ex used to use. It was weird I haven't smelt anything like that for months and months (cause it was an old one he used) and in that split second I was brought right back to our first date when he used it. I can't remember the smell now. At one point I used to remember what his car used to smell like as well, he ended up selling that one while we were dating and when we went a few days without talking I would get whiffs of that car smell (it was an air freshener he used or maybe it was the car itself as well) and I never could smell it again after he got rid of the car. But it was odd just walking down the street at one point I would smell it. It's fucking weird. Does anyone else get like this? I mean I've spent every day since we split almost 3 months ago thinking of him, he was my first boyfriend and meant a lot to me, I just miss him everyday (altho some days are easier than others) but it doesn't help that certain things trigger off a memory of him/us🙄