Endo NO or YES? Should I Get a Second Opinion?


I recently went to my GYN with concerns about possibly having endometriosis.

We went over my cycle history, pregnancies, sex and past and current symptoms. She recommended I go on birth control(to help with pain) and that I get an ultrasound of my uterus(came back fine.) Because of this my Doctor doesn’t think I have Endo. and told me I probably just have intense periods.

I haven’t started the birth control and I feel unsatisfied. So I’ve been thinking about getting a second opinion. If I have Endo. I want to know what I can do to help/treat it. Not just be told I’m fine; when I know I’m not. What do you think?

Here’s a little about my vagina:

• Started my period at 17

• My second period started it all

- horrible cramps(abdomen, back, butt and legs)

- my body would tremble

- cold sweats

- vomiting(multiple times)

- diarrhea

- tired(sleep through the 1st and 2nd day of my period)

- migraines

- wouldn’t go school/work for the first few days of my period

Note: This would happen during my whole period.

• Irregular periods

- always different amount of days between periods

- periods always lasted different lengths

• Some sort of pain/discomfort during and after sex

• Periods were this way until I was pregnant with my first at age 20 and then my second at 22.

• Tubal Ligation after my second baby

• After pregnancy my period changed

- mild cramps

- no vomiting just nausea

- no trembling or sweats

- more regular

Note: I assumed it had to do with the hormone changes my body went through during pregnancy

• At 24 everything changed. I was 17 again!

- Everything I dealt with before started happening again(not as intense but still bad)

• Pain/discomfort during sex has become so normal, I rarely want to do anything

• I have a very low sex drive(was never the case before)

So I’m 26 now and need help! What do you think? Anyone dealing with similar BS? Am I just crazy and this totally normal?

Thank with love, Jasmin