Is it just me or is this super annoying

Okay so my baby girl is 3 weeks and ever since she was born my in laws say she looks just like her dad and his son... but like constantly, every time we see them and they say it multiple times and it drives me NUTS! I get that she has features of her father and obviously that means she has features of her brother ( step son ) but it’s not like they’re twins or it’s like crazy similar... id understand if it were like that but it isn’t, i even asked to see baby photos of my boyfriend and obviously I’ve seen baby photos of his son. It just bothers me that they say it SO much... I’ve mentioned a couple times that I think she has some features of my mom/me because she really does, I’ve even pulled out photos to show them and they shut it down so hard... it’s like I’ve tried saying she has my eyebrows and they crap on it like she can’t have a single feature of me or my side of the family! It’s not like I fight them on it, I just simply say I think she looks equal from both of us and she’s a baby, she’s changing everyday anyways so who knows who she will look more like down the road and they won’t have it, it’s all him or nothing at all and it’s like they totally disregarded that she’s equally mine too... it’s only about my boyfriend, his son and her... for everything and it gets kinda annoying, they constantly ask how he’s doing, if he’s tired ect but he doesn’t do crap! I get up for every feeding/changing throughout the night and I’m with her all day, he isn’t. He comes home and relaxes while I still care for her and they are aware of this. I don’t know if I’m hormonal but it just bugs me that they over do it with the looks like him comments and how he’s doing ect as if I don’t exist... I’d never say anything because I’m not about the drama and my boyfriends such a mommies boy I feel like he’d defend her anyways.

So is it just me who gets secretly bent out of shape over this or am I not alone lol

Sorry, I had to rant about this because well I’m annoyed.