Should I give up.....


Me and my girlfriend has been through things

Issues with properly showing love affection and caring etc is the summary of the issues on both ends

Well she decided that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship anymore and I have seen where I went wrong I’ve started reading the book The Love Dare Like so many women on this app has suggested for me to do and I’m only on day 6 out of 40

But prior to this I have been crying , begging pleading , trying to listen and show her I care and that I’m so Inlove with her that it hurts , surprising her with candle lit baths and notes to brighten her day etc but none of it is working nor is it reaching her heart .

I’ve discovered where I went wrong but she makes me feel as if I should just accept this and move on

I’ve been sleeping on the coach for about 2 weeks now having to be under the influence to be able to cope with the anxiety of not being around her and pain that I feel , I haven’t been able to kiss her hold hug her etc

And i just don’t know wat I else to do , we watched the movie fire proof together and it seems she was more interested and how the actors where acting and wearing rather then the actual meaning behind it , the book talks about patients and how this is hard and it takes time but it’s so hard it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life and I don’t know what I should I do because when I try and talk about it or cry etc she just tells me it pisses her off and makes her not want to be around me , if I’m sulking listening to sad music crying to myself I get told to shut up or she wants me to leave so she doesn’t have to see it , she being so cold hearted to me. But idk ugh

I care so much I love her so much she is my everything