Husband masterbating.... at work.

I found out my husband has been masterbating at work. We used to have a very healthy sex life but since being pregnant and having a miscarriage scare in the first trimester after sex we’ve done it a lot less. Maybe once a month. Our relationship is still the same otherwise, he is very sweet and my best friend. I cook, he cleans. He stays home in the mornings to help me with the dogs. He does whatever he can to make my pregnancy easy and enjoyable.

I feel like there’s nothing to worry about looking at it logically, he’s still the same man otherwise... but the pregnancy hormones can’t help but think, is there something going on at work that sparked this? New cute coworker, maybe flirting somewhere? What is happening that makes it so he can’t contain himself and has to do it there?

Blah this just has me up in my head.