Pain Relief Options during labor- want opinions/experiences


My hospital offers 3 options for pain relief, epidural, nubain, and fentanyl.

I am a FTM and am going in fairly open-minded. I am going to attempt unmedicated and use the tub (am not allowed to push in it, but can labor in it) but am not opposed to pain meds.

I am a bit anti-epidural as the thought of not being able to move or feel my legs gives me major anxiety. I am a bit nervous about the other two options as I tend to have weird reactions mentally to pain meds (hydrocodone made me feel crazy). Also, I really want to avoid a drugged up baby. At this point if I choose medication I am leaning towards fentanyl during transitional labor as it works itself out of your system quickly and that would be good for baby.

My two goals for labor are healthy baby and him being born in a peaceful environment.

Thoughts and experiences you've had?

Thank you!