Ultrasound doesn’t Match with weeks


Hi everyone , I need a few testimony from your part, if anyone lived same things as me.

I were today on a second ultrasound. My last period was on 12/12 and i was thinking that I’m on my 8 weeks prégnante

But the fact is my ob says I m not on my 8weeks because of the image of the ultrasound today and to him next ultrasound two weeks ago didn’t match with my six week. But he said me this only today.

There is a evolution between the both :

First ultrasound : we saw only the yolk sac

Second ultrasound : we saw the embryon but there is no heart beat yet because it s too soon.

I’m really disappointed because I don’t understand the logical between my date of my last période and the results of the ultrasound.

And I feel so scared about maybe a miscarriage. I can just crying for the moment.

Thanks for reading me and If something similar happens to one of you please write in a comment.