My mom and her boyfriend

So my room is connected to a bathroom that also connects to another room on the other side. That room is the office where our computer is and an old retro air hockey table.

Last night I woke up because I heard a noise like a bang. It was only 11:30 so I had just fallen asleep and was groggy. I thought someone was in the house. It’s a split level so if someone was in the house they get to my bedroom first. I got up and walked over to the bedroom door and peaked into the hall way. My door makes a squeak when you open it so it was clear that I was awake. I stepped into the hallway and that’s when I heard it. It was someone breathing. I walked down the hallway toward the office, I said “hello? Who’s there?” and that’s when I saw my mom laying on the hockey table. She wasn’t quiet at all. I heard them scrambling and ran back into my bedroom. She came in and told me she was having trouble breathing and her boyfriend had opened the office window so she could lay by it and get some air.

I’m so uncomfortable right now. I’m 16 and I know people have sex. But in the other room connected to mine and one that doesn’t have any door at all? 🤢🤢 Their bedroom is just the next floor up. Sometimes I still hear them even from there. 🤮