Baby shower registry rant ** UPDATED

Okay soooo my grandmother on my dads side lives in another state and isn’t coming to the baby shower. She is super rich but said she doesn’t want to buy a plane ticket and she doesn’t like southern states... hmm okay thanks.

Well she didn’t do anything for my birthday, no card, no call, nothing. She sent me some money for Christmas but nothing for my husband, not even a Christmas card.. like he doesn’t even exist 🤷🏼‍♀️

Okay so - my dad told me he sent her the link to my registry when he followed up about the baby shower and she replied saying - no thanks I don’t need the list. I just bought a few small things.

I wish people would just buy off the list that I took the time to put together. This may sound rude, ungrateful, selfish, whatever you want to say. But my husband and I have already bought a ton of stuff. Anything left that we do need we put on a registry. Like please - why waste your time and money and ignore the registry and buy stuff we already have and then can’t return?

Okay rant over **


I can see why people responded thinking that I was whiny, entitled, or ungrateful without knowing the backstory. This is actually my step dads mother. I call him my dad because he has been ever since I was 2 years old. Since I’m not his blood child, like my younger siblings are, my grandmother has always treated me differently. She would take them on trips, give them more money or presents on birthdays and Christmas, and overall treat me very differently. She even set up a college fund for them and not me. My parents have addressed this with her but it never changes. I’ve always treated her well and with respect.. but inside I definitely am hurt by this. This is her first great grandchild and my first child... I would have thought that she would care enough to come - like I said she has the money to - and on top of already feeling hurt/annoyed, the registry thing bothered me. My other grandmother (on my moms side) bought me something small but I don’t care how much or how little she spent because she is always there for me and always shows thought and effort. I just wish I could say the same about my other grandmother! So yeah - I guess you can call me “entitled” because I feel entitled to the same love and generosity as my other siblings.