My first TWW on Glow (updated 2/21)

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The red witch is due Feb 20th. After five years of trying - the TWW still hasn't gotten any easier for me. I still have hope, but it's hard. I still symptom spot and my Google history is loaded with TWW articles. I really hope this is my month. I hope this is the month for any of you trying. If there is anyone else at the start of their TWW and want a chatty cycle buddy let me know! 🦄🌸🍀

2/10- CD 19 - Was kind of crampy the past two days or so. BBT seems to have confirmed O happened since it's still above the coverline. I really hope this month is the month. 🍀

2/11- CD 20 - I looked back at my Glow symptom thing and I guess I've been crampy since around ovulation. It's actually more like uncomfortable twinges that go back and forth on both sides right near my hips. After spending way too much time on the internet (as per usual in my TWWs) I'm really worried about an ectoptic pregnancy, but I've also read it could just be the egg (+/- fertilization) moving along. Oh how I hate the two week wait. 😩

2/12 - CD 21- Cramps are gone. CM is scarce but creamy. BBT still high so ovulation is confirmed but now it feels like a normal cycle. I don't even have my usual sore boobs to Google symptom search about this time. Mehhh what a let down. 😖

2/16 - CD 25 - Got my sore boobs a little yesterday and a lot today. That makes me really think that I'm out this month. I think maybe the Pregprep delayed some of my PMS symptoms. My BBT is still high, but I guess it has to stay over the coverline for 16 days to confirm pregnancy, so I'd have a missed period before then. I don't pregnancy test until about 5-7 days after my period is supposed to start so I have a while before I test. I have a slight sore throat today too. Ugggghhh I'm dreading AF 😭

2/18 - CD 27 - Sore boobs don't seem as sore as they were before... this is usually my tell-tale sign that AF is around the corner. Can't say I'm not disappointed. I think some part of me kind of had a weird feeling that even though we've been trying for 5 years, maybe by some strange miracle my first month on Glow would just be lucky. I know technically I'm not out... but I really feel out already. The battle continues 😩😖😢

2/19 - CD 28 - Took BBT this morning and got another raise? I want to make sure I'm not getting my hopes up. I honestly just feel like AF is coming so maybe I just temp spike before AF. No idea.

2/21 - CD 30 - My temperature fell to 97.9 this morning. Looks like I'm out this month. AF will probably arrive this afternoon. Good luck to all my cycle buddies this cycle if you haven't shown any signs of AF yet! I'll probably start a new post for my new cycle.