My sister overdosed bc of postpartum depression.


So this morning I wake up to a call that my sister has overdosed on pills and that she was in the hospital unconscious.. Me and her had our babies 2 days apart. she's talked to me for weeks about how she was depressed and wanted to die but I've felt the same way and I'd never actually go through with it cause my daughter, but my sisters was another case and I feel bad I didnt tell anyone.. she took a whole bottle of clonazepam, her boyfriend found her on the floor at 4am with her daughter in her arms... and the last thing she told him was please take care of our daughter. I'm in shock. My heart is broke. And I feel it was my fault bc I wasn't there for her. She's stable now and being monitored in the icu... ladies, if you feel depressed please get help. It's no joke. My sister is so beautiful and such a happy person! I didn't understand how this could happen... sa a prayer for me and my family as we hope she doesn't try it again. The only thing she is upset about is that she didn't die. We're trying to get her admitted into an in patient facility. :(

This is me and her.

And here is her