10 weeks post miscarriage - no period


I had a miscarriage at just over 3 months along in early December. Then late December I had to get a D&C.

My HCG as of 3 weeks ago was back at 0.

My partner and I were trying to prevent, I was on the pill and we used condoms (condom broke and mini pill mustn’t have been effective for me I guess). But since the miscarriage, we’re neither trying nor preventing.

But I have had absolutely no sign of getting my period. I wanted to get the implanon put in but my doctor said it’s best to wait for my period in this situation. She’s also stumped about why it is taking so long.

I did a urine pregnancy test about a week or so ago that was negative.

The miscarriage was nearly 10 weeks ago now.

Is it possible I could be pregnant despite that negative urine test a week ago? I’d test again but I don’t get paid for another 2 weeks.

I’ve decided to start my prenatal vitamins again just in case (better safe than sorry). Plus they make my skin clearer and I had 80 of them left.

I’m not sure how to feel