i feel disconnected?


this is kind of a last ditch effort because most of my friends are so single they have no idea how to help, google is mean, and my brain can’t quite figure out what’s wrong and how to describe it in a way that is helpful. so, me and my boyfriend live about two hours away from each other. he’s a freshman in college, and i’m taking my gap year (working, still living at home). he’s an engineering student so he’s super super busy all the time and is working two jobs this semester. and as a result, our communication has been very subpar. some days we won’t text enough to fill up my phone screen, and when we do talk on the phone it’s mostly us telling each other about our days. don’t get me wrong- i love hearing about what he’s up to. but i miss romance, and feeling connected past just the day-to-day updates. and he’s just so busy that he doesn’t even notice the fissure between us that’s starting to grow the longer he’s away. so i’m feeling really alone, and i don’t know how to make this better. i know it’s a temporary thing, and every time we see each other in person we’re right back on track like magnets. but the distance and the crazy schedules fucking suck, and it makes it SO much worse that he just isn’t really as affected by it as i am. i don’t really have a specific question to ask or an answer i’m looking for, i just want some insight from you ladies who might have had a similar situation at one point or another. thanks so so much 😌💓