The stress I go through... pictures of my family ❤️

Lena • Woman chasing after God, loving Bobby and trying for baby #1

Today I realized why I’m an AMAZING auntie to this little girl! I’m in the back seat and we are trying our best while her momma is driving to calm her down. So we throw on the Gummy Bear song and I put my finger in her mouth cause she is teething so I am seeing if her tooth has progressed any and I kid you not, she passes out within 2 minutes! Being an auntie and working is hard! I only get to see her every Friday through every Sunday! Even though I live with her parents and my parents it’s hard! I got to sleep Sunday nights at 7:00pm and wake up at 2 am to get ready for work. I’m gone every Monday through every Thursday. I do inventory at Walmart’s all through out Florida where I live and by the time I get home from work on Thursday, I have enough time to get home, text my man and tell him I’m home safe. I hardly get to text him through out the week cause he drives a semi and has odd hours. We see each other on the weekends as much as possible cause we both have off the weekends. Me and my man and my sister and her husband and mine and my sisters parents go out to eat and take my niece every Saturday night. So we do triple dates with my niece. I am busy full time! I literally cry myself to sleep every night. I have stress ulcers. I have heart palpitations. Have to try and take care of myself.