Posting my worries here because I feel I’m stressing my husband with them 😅


My husband and I have been trying for baby number one for 6 months. Each month, BFNs. My period has been pretty regular or a week late each time, which is regular for me. It seems my cycle fluctuates where it’s right on the predicted date or within a week of it and it cycles through that regularly, currently on the shorter end of that pattern.

This month has been weird. I’ve had stomach issues the better part of two weeks where my stomach is cramping, mildly or painfully (normal stomach issues for me and I’ve had it checked out), random food turn my stomach, I’ve been moody, and tired. Took a test yesterday, 3 days past my expected period date, and it was negative. Work hasn’t been stressful in months neither has life in general. Though the test was negative, I’m really hopeful, as I am every month. I’m going to hope for another week and test again. Maybe, hopefully, this is it. I feel like my body is failing my husband and I because this is what it’s supposed to do. No one in my family has ever had issues with having kids before (I have a very large family and 2 years ago 7 babies were born in a 6 month time span 😂). I’m just really hopeful, but seeing the words “not pregnant” in those damn sticks breaks my heart every time.

If you read this whole thing, thank you for hearing my jumbled worries. I feel like I’m stressing my husband out by sharing all of this, but I feel stuck in the middle of an ocean of worries by myself if I don’t. I don’t share this with friends because I don’t want to get their hopes up, too. I hope to post back with good news in a week 🙏