Line progression?!

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❌❌❌ update:

If I look at the test way later and the line has totally disappeared, and I’m seeing NOTHING now, does that confirm it was an indent?? 😢 I know it’s invalid after 10 minutes but for it to completely go away...? I’m confused.

I don’t want to tell my husband yet. This would be our first but I want to make sure we don’t think these are indents. I’ve had SO many indents with FR.

Top two pictures are yesterday morning and bottom two are this morning.

Neither were first morning urine.

Do we think it’s indent? Or should I keep testing and wait to be sure?

I have PCOS and don’t ovulate regularly. My ovulation tests this cycle were all negative.

I’m a serial tester and I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I’m so sick of being disappointed!

Forgive my ugly nails.

I work in surgery and have to keep them short and I just got done cleaning the house! 😂