SAHM "has nothing to stress about"


Please tell me I'm not insane. My significant other ( of 6 years) informed me last night, that as a stay at home mom I had nothing to be stressed about....

I have a year and a half old who is fairly good most of the time. But very clingy. We spend a lot of time using our carrier. My SO sees the little for almost an hour in the evening. Usually for dinner and bath. Which he doesnt help much with. Then I put the baby to bed.

I do all of the errands like taking the garbage off, paying bills, going to the grocery store... all with the baby in the car. WHO IS A TERRIBLE RIDER.

I also go to school.

I do all of his paper work for his job since he works for himself.

I never ask for time alone and if I do get time alone, bet your ass he makes sure to remind me I had an hour to myself.

I do all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, feeding baby, brushing teeth for baby, washing baby... you know the list is never ending.

He said last night that I only had to deal with one person. It shouldn't be that hard. Its not like I had that much to deal with.