We met on Tinder and now I’m pregnant....

This is a huge secret we have kept for a really long time...: no one knows how it really happened but I’m going to put it out here anonymously to get it off my chest. I was 19. In September, 2017 I downloaded the well known Tinder app. I was about 4 months out of a really serious relationship that ended horribly, and was looking to have a short term fling for a bit. (I know, how awful 🙄) anyways, I met a few guys on there, talked a bit but was mostly bored. You know how some (not all) guys are, only wanting to get to the point. Well in my Tinder bio at the very end after a longgg description I put my snap chat username for people to add me. I figured if they were really interested in me they would read the whole thing and get that little gift at the end. Only ONE guy got my Snapchat and added me. I get a chat at 3 in the morning October 1st. It’s the one guy who added me. And you know what he says?

Him: “Are you African?”

Me: “No, why?”

Him: “Cuz you’re A-fricken babe”

Annnnnd that is the worlds worst pick up line, THAT I FELL FOR. I laughed and teased him relentlessly for it, and he told me “I don’t care how bad it was. My goal was to make you laugh”. So I was like damn, that was smooth. He wanted to meet me in person, so I agreed. He asked me out on a date, to a wedding for a couple at his church. We got to dress up, dance, eat, laugh, and I met all his friends, family, and church members in that one night.

After the wedding, while we were sitting in his truck he asked me if he could kiss me. Of course I said yes, I had a really great time with him, and he didn’t once try to make a move on me or do anything shady. We made out for a bit, and one thing led to another and well 🤷🏻‍♀️ we both hadn’t had sex for quite some time so things just escalated.

We went on a date every night that week, and then about a month later, I felt weird. So I took a pregnancy test, and it came out positive. All I’m thinking is Oh my God, I just met this guy, what the hell?? We used a condom and everything and I was certain there was no chance. I kept testing for a week and getting all negatives... Went to my family doctor, and turns out it was just a freak accident. False positive. My hcg levels were 0. I was so relieved. I told (Let’s call him John for privacy’s sake) John about the whole thing, and he took it so well. He was so supportive and kind the whole time and I could NOT believe I found a guy this good. ON TINDER. He was so amazing and sweet and I really truly liked him. 2 months later, He proposed. I said yes. My crazy inner self told me to go for it, and I did. And guess what?

We are happily engaged, going on almost 2 years together, expecting our first (real) baby. We have grown so much together, loving each other endlessly and becoming such a strong couple, facing and making it over just about every obstacle thrown at us. Our families love each other so much, and it has only gotten better. I thank God every day for bringing this man into my life and turning it around for the better.

Ladies, the lesson is to listen to your heart. You might think this is some crazy shit, granted it is. It was wild and reckless and fast. But everyone’s love is different and there are no timelines on when you will find the one. If you think you have, grab hold of it!! Whether it’s 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or even longer, embrace what God gives you with joy and I promise it will be worth it ❤️