That really good sex you want to tell everyone about


I don’t have any girlfriends to really talk to about my sex life and it’s saddening lol because for the first time I’m so extremely happy! I’ve found whom my soul loves. Anyway let me spill the good stuff to someone at least!

Sunday’s are our days just me and him! We had great breakfast at this delightful like cafe and home for a movie while it rained outside and dinner at our favorite Mexican place. Next door to the Mexican place is Adam and eves.. my boyfriend asked if I’d like to go look for anything I’d like I was like well hell yea lol. We went over I got this plug I’ve been dying to have because it has this jewel stud on it I adore haha and he bought something for me. On our way home he slides his hand close and closer in between my legs to build the suspense. We arrive home and it’s game on! We get in the shower and he brings the toy along with. The toy is for G-spot action so it’s kinda oddly shaped lol but oh my god that thing works. We play in the shower and I finished so hard it made me light headed(I hold my breath when I have a orgazm idk y) but we got out and strolled to the bedroom and he is just all about pleasing me and my needs it the hottest thing in the world. It’s not just fun taboo(w/toy) sex it’s also romantic in a way in witch he looks at me like I’m the best thing in the entire universe. I just I want everyone to know how lucky I am. I’ve been random smiling all day! Who can relate?