Can anyone tell me what’s going on?

Leviathyn • So I’m just a 24 yr old Woman who lives with a wonderful man and an amazing dog. I’m an artist and a security officer. Oh and I hate my uterus... it’s not one sided either my uterus hates me too.

So I’m having all of the symptoms of my period, cramps, bloating, headache, acne, back pain, tender breasts. However I’m not on my period. There is NO blood it’s not due for 2 more weeks my friends say I’m ovulating. I have never in my life had this happen while I was ovulating. It’s all just slightly different too. Not the same pains and the cramps are moderate compared to my usual murder cramps. I’m also really clumsy right now and feeling like my body is foreign to me. I will randomly have surges of emotions for 0 reason. I will be having a wonderful day and all of a sudden I’m crying and can’t say why! I’m about to go on vacation with my man for a few weeks and really don’t want to randomly start crying at Disney. Can anyone tell me why my body is doing this to me?