Oh the nausea 🥴


I’m just a couple days shy of 7 weeks and up until last night I had been having minor nausea off and on, well last night I woke up numerous times with bad nausea so I think mine is getting worse 😭. So today I went on the hunt for Preggie Drops with vitamin B6 and also picked up some Pink Stork morning sickness tea, hopefully they help! Does anyone else use either of them and find them helpful? I’ve also heard that taking vitamin B6 and unisom helps.

My job is super strenuous and I’m on my feet all day, so needless to say I am very nervous about these next few weeks of work. I wish work places had 1st trimester work leave 😂 I feel like there are currently a lot of posts from all of you dealing with morning sickness, so we are all in the same boat.