Letrozole and late ovulation


Hi all,

So I’ve had 4 cycles of Clomid with one that had no ovulation, one that the follicles just vanished, one that again just vanished and one that had four follicles so they made us stop.

Since then they have put me on to Letrozole. This is my first cycle on it and I’m really giving the fertility clinic a headache. I had my scan on cycle day 11 and there was nothing. Scanned again on day 14 and some small follicles had appeared but we figured it was too late on for them to develop but to be sure they asked me back in on day 18 when, just as we were giving up there was a 14mm follicle!

I went back on day 21 and it had grown, then back again on day 24 because the nurse was completely torn on whether to inject me to force ovulation or not. She decided against as this is my first cycle on the new drug and she wants to see how i do on my own. Didn’t help that on that scan the follicle we were monitoring was 19mm but another 19mm had appeared out of no where!

It’s day 29 now and i have some serious ovulation pains which could also be cycts ruptured because of my PCOS. There’s a chance the follicles are cysts already, we couldn’t tell on the scan. I have another scan in two days to see what’s happening.

Kinda just wanted to put this out there and ask if anyone else has a similar story on letrozole?