How long was you and your SO dating before having sex?

NO SHAMING. & don’t call me a whore/hoe, your comment will be deleted if it’s on this thread or someone else’s story!

My SO and I met at his little sisters birthday party, at a cabin. I was friends with his cousin and she invited me along so I was like okay. And we met and hung out a little and talked some. He talked about getting the cabin another night for me, him, his cousin, & sister. We talked and got to know each other and ended up doing it when everyone was asleep and the door locked to the room we were in.

We wasn’t dating, we knew each other 2 days, but got together 4 days later. (We were both shy to ask each other, plus he worked long shifts and slept. So he asked on the day he had off.

We’ve been together 8 months now. And I’m glad we stayed together 😍❤️ he’s an amazing boyfriend and I’m glad we got together.