Pregnancy after miscarriage

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Kind of a long story but I'm super anxious.. I miscarried for a second time in December, right before Christmas. I had a D&C. I bled for about 5 weeks and my hug was dropping really slow. 2 weeks ago it was down to 5 for the HCG test. And then the next day I took an OPK like I had always been doing, to find out it was positive finally! The next 3 days were blaring positives and then it went back to negative. my cervix then closed up and lowered. Changing my CM to creamy. I decided to test on 7dpo because Why not right? And to my surprise there was a VERY faint line. I freaked out and am still not even sure what to think. We tried this cycle so im so happy that it worked but im so nervous that im just tricking my brain. After you loss a baby, or 2, pregnancy becomes scary. I took another test at 8 dPO and its still really faint. I took a first response also and its barley there. I will post a photo below. I know HCG doubles every 72 hours, so im not going to re test until Thursday, but I hope and pray it increases and gets darker. Do you all see it? Do you think it could still be left over HCG from my last pregnancy. or do you think its a new pregnancy? Here are my opks and my VVVVfl positive from today 8DPO.