Dog is ruining my life

How do I keep my dog off of my bed? Everyday I come home and my blankets and pillows are on the floor and she has made wet spots on the sheets from chewing. I tuck everything in and push my mattress up and she still does it. Putting her outside isn't an option right now cause she's nursing puppies. To make things wore she is still spotting from the birth so everything has blood spots and I just washed all of it last night.. I'm tired of washing my bedding everyday. Please give me some advice

Edit----she stays in my room, I live with my parents and they have cats. She's a lab. Too big to run free while I'm at school or at work

She gets taken out, that doesn't solve the problem.

My bedroom and bathroom are connected with no door to the closet, so I can't just shut the door.

I'm aware she shouldn't be closed up but I have no choice right now. My sister was gonna throw her out somewhere and she was already used as a bait dog once before.. I don't have a lot of options but thanks. I'm gonna look at getting a kennel.