I guess opk is darkening a bit, hopefully I get a positive within a few days!


This is my first month using opks. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years this month and last month I had a chemical. I didn’t think he would be so excited to find out I was pregnant but he was really happy. Then the lines started to disappear and my period came a day late. I told him maybe we should start actively trying instead of just letting it happen. It hasn’t been until these last two months that we’ve been unprotected. I have four kids with.l my ex husband and none with my boyfriend, and he doesn’t have any of his own kids yet. He seems to really want this now so I thought using the opk’s might help. I’m 33 and I have noticed a decrease in my cm, so I started drinking a lot more water, drinking grapefruit juice, and taking omega 3 fatty acids about 10 days ago. Not sure if any of this will help when trying to conceive but it can’t hurt I’m sure. My kids are all ages 7-13 now and they are all wanting another sibling! Hoping this happens for us. Below is a picture of line progression from yesterday to today which is cycle day 10 on top and 9 on bottom. Hoping within the next few days I’ll get a positive since I have a 26 day cycle spot on every month.