TTC Newby...... help?

Desiree • 22. married to my HS sweetheart🥰. Dog mom🐾. TTC baby #1 - PCOS!❤️

hello to my fellow glow ladies!

me and my hubby have just began trying for a baby according to the app my window for the most optimal times to convince were the 2nd - the 10th (today) and my actual ovulation date being on the 9th.

We have done the deed every day in the window, sometimes more than once’ except for feb 4th. even went the extra mile to lay flat for 15 mins each time after it was over. According to the app my period is supposed to begin on the 23rd and end on the 27th.

I know this is super early to think about but we are so excited and just eager to know! 😬

So now that the back story is out of the way.... when do you ladies recommend we begin testing, types of tests, or any advice or overall recommendations!?

Anything / everything POSITIVE is appreciated!