Potty training help


Ok so the past 2 days iv been lettin my 15 (1.5 year old) month old and my 28month (2.5 year old) old run around naked in hope it will help them potty train but it’s been hard I ask them every so often to sit on the toilet or potty and try and pee or poop but they constantly miss my 2.5 year old seems to poop anywhere she feels usually in her ride on car or on carpet and stuff as iv noticed my 1.5 year old son wants to go outside in the garden ?

Will my meathod of letting them run round naked and hopefully learn to understand there body’s help them in toilet training or is it just gonna screw them up ... this morning iv had one success from my 1.5 year old he peed on the potty but I feel like I’m just constantly cleaning up pee and poo please comment some tips and tricks when it comes to toilet training that you all found helpful ...