What do I do?


So to make a very long stressful story short let me summarize the beginning of the shit storm that has led up to this.

My fiancé and I planned for over 6 months to visit my grandparents who live 8 hours away at thanksgiving. They are both in poor health and he hadn’t met them yet and we felt it was very important since we are expecting a baby together and getting married.

His nephews 1st birthday party happened to fall during this trip. We gave the nephew his birthday presents before we left for this trip, informed his brother and his brothers girlfriend we would be unable to make it home in time and that we were sorry but we had this trip planned in advance.

Us not coming turned into a HUGE issue with my fiancé’s family especially his brother. They have since told everyone who will listen that we only do things with my family (not sure how that works since everyone except my parents who we see once a month live 3+ hours away), and that my fiancé doesn’t care about his family.

Cut to a few weeks ago, I see his brothers girlfriend make a snarky comment on fiancés moms Facebook post about how my fiancé doesn’t do anything for anyone in their family. I message her, tell her I am tired of keeping my mouth shut that it is unacceptable for her to shit talk him on facebook. She gets nasty, says my fiancé is a shitty uncle, brother, son. I have no time for this so I block her. So now she’s messaging my fiancé, and so is his brother. Once again “you only spend time with her family. You’re a shit uncle” this ends with his brother telling him that he is nothing but another person on this earth anymore and we are not to have a relationship with his son. This breaks my honeys heart, he genuinely loves his family.

About a week ago, his brothers girlfriend messages me and tells me that I need to take her opinion into my head, that she’s “trying to help me” because if he doesn’t spend time with his nieces and nephews how will he ever spend time with our child. She goes on and on about the same garbage I mentioned above. I tell her I am not having the same conversation over and over again. That I will be civil toward her but I am not interested in being friends. She tells me it’s my fault we are getting no where with the conversation.

Now today, she texts my fiancé asking him to unblock her and his brother on Facebook so they can see our gender reveal. I don’t understand what the hell the thought process is here. I have no interest in either of them being involved with my child but I also don’t know if maybe I need to be the bigger person and let it go. What would you all do?