BFP the first month of trying. EEEEEE!!!!!


12 DPO got my BFP. Feels super surreal. The line seems so faint (stronger than the one I took a couple days ago)- but a Dr confirmed it as positive tonite. We’ve only been officially trying for 24 days but I did my research beforehand and we’ve been on all the good foods/vitamins/exercise for awhile and had been putting a diva cup in after each time we had sex over my fertile window. Not sure if it helped, but I like to think it may have (otherwise- kind of icky).

Been on and off crampy for almost 10 days which sucks. Dr doesn’t think it is ectopic because it’s low level pain and doesn’t really stop (no blood) but I need to get an ultrasound very soon.

Please send me baby dust and good vibes! I’m so damn nervous. Age 36. Living up here in Canada and ready to be a mom. Would love to touch base with other women getting their BFPs around the same time as me!