I Was Told By My Uncle In Law...

That there actually is a way to get pregnant with a boy..

Annnnddd, scientifically speaking it is correct.

He also said he knows several people who have tried this method and it indeed has actually worked..

You know when I guys comes

1, it drips

2, then squirts out a lot and far

3, then squirts a couple more times


Well, refer back to step 2.

That first initial gush is alllll boy cells apparently.

Thus, meaning these are the fastest swimmer.

So if the girl is on top, then that big far shoot with the fastest swimmers will meet the egg easier that way.

In which, if you get pregnant.

It'll be a boy 🤷

Don't knock it till you try it 🖐

I'm trying it this month and see if it works.

I've heard this has worked for others so we'll see.

Let me know how it works 👍

I want to know!!!!!

Side note: if I get pregnant and it's not a boy I'm slapping my fiancés uncle (: