Just wanna vent.

I had a shit day and I get texts about how the kids have been total shit so I try to be easy on my man. When I get home we barely even speak. We're conversating but it's not even an actual convo. Well daughter wakes up n he flips shit getting rude towards her (side note. he'll never hit the kids out of anger so dont think that plz) and I got on to him for acting out (she only wanted water) well now hes pissed at me and says "you dont know what I've been thru with the kids."

Um. I was a SAHM for 2 years, no breaks no source of outdoor freedom (I had no car or money) BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT HES BEEN THRU.

So now he's asleep on the couch being an asshole. I did nothing but come home from work. And now I'm a pos..

So now I'm here like

And just snuggling with my cats. They never let me down or hurt my feelings.