Boyfriend went here without me 😭

My boyfriend works out of state with his brother. They left around 3am to drive 3 hours away just to not work because of rain. 😑 wellllll long story short, I have been BEGGING my boyfriend to take me to Cracker Barrel for weeks now!! WEEKS. And it’s always been a no. I even asked him Saturday night if we could go! It was a no then too. But now guess who’s sitting at a Cracker Barrel with his brother? 🙂 I’m 17 weeks pregnant today and I can’t even get him to look at Cracker Barrel. 😭😭 this is probably most definitely all pregnancy hormones, but I am so angry I want to cry. I’m like boiling with jealousy and dislike for him right now I don’t even want to talk to him. 😂😂😂😂 I’m so upset. 😞

Can I also just say that I am super broke at the moment and I didn’t even want to spend a dollar on a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. BUT HE GETS TO GO TO CRACKER BARREL???