What’s the difference?


So yesterday I was at my friends doing her income tax for her when we saw an article online about the Wayans Brothers wanting to do a White Chicks 2 movie... my friend then made a comment “ they won’t make that movie anymore” so I was confused and asked why. She then brought up all the stuff she’s been seeing online and in the media about celebrities and politicians getting in trouble for doing blackface in the past. She even brought up an older comedian ( can’t remember his name) that dressed up and painted his whole body so that he looked like a black man and that he was working with another comedian who happened to be black and yet they were still calling him out for playing a character.

She asked me what I thought the difference was between a white man painting his entire body black to play a character and a black man painting his entire body white to do the same, she said neither mean it to be racist and they are only playing a character to show and laugh at ridiculous stereotypes.

So here’s my question CC, what the difference to you? The exact question my friend asked me, I’m asking you. Why is it okay for one but not the other?

**If I posted in the wrong room let me know, I thought this was more of a debate topic, than a race/ethnicity topic.