Family names...

Personally I hate naming children after family, whether still living or passed. I want future generations to have their own identity, honoring the family by last name. Especially since my husband is so sure we're going to have nothing but boys. They'll all have his last name. Even the girls until they're married (unless they wanna keep their last name).

Anyways point of this is my husband wants to name any future son after his uncle who passed away recently as well as give him his fathers middle name. Making the name, Danny Randall, and I actually really hate it.. The problem is my hisband is such a family oriented person and has a huge thing for honor.

I don't know how to twll him that not only do I dislike the name but I don't wanna go with ANY family member names..

Any advice or opinions...? I guess I just need some reassurance I'm not being totally unfair about this or anything..