Parakeet as a pet? 🐦

Ana✨ • 21 | Cancer 🦀 |

Hey guys

So I don’t have the time or the home for a cat or a dog and would like a loving companion.

I know a lot of people live in all sorts of circumstances with their animals but I cannot.

I want a small pet that can have more space rather than a big one with less. I live in an apartment and can 100% afford a lot of toys and food for a small animal.

A parakeet is a pet that interests me because my Grandma had one who lived a long time and he was very friendly, he also lived a very long time.

Does anyone have experience?

Is this a recommendable pet? I want to have a happy pet, for examples hamsters are happy when left alone, they usually don’t want to be cuddled, I’d like to let the bird fly out sometimes and maybe have contact with it and be able to carry it. My Grandma often carried him and he seemed overall happy, they had a lot of daily contact.